Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm feeling very thanful today. It could be because I'm on fall break, and I've had lots of time to relax and spend time with my family. Or it could be because I'm drinking coffee, and that always automatically puts me in an amazing mood. Either way, I am so incredibly thankful.
I've had a lot of things on my mind lately. I've been home for fall break, so I've had lots of time to just think. I was thinking earlier today how funny it is that our entire lives we tend to try to "fit in" with everyone else, trying to always fit in with the world and its standard for us.
BUT God tells us that we are not supposed to conform to the world, we are supposed to be different. And for some reason, I never really thought of it very much, but I realized I have spent soo much time in my life trying to please others and the world, and trying to fit into the worlds standards by trying to have the perfect body and appearance, trying to please everyone, and do everything right- but God says, if we follow Him, that's all that matters- nothing of the world matters.
Another thing I've been thinking about lately is God's will for my life. We talked about this Sunday night at Bible study and I just love talking about it, because it's so amazing to know that God has a specific plan for our lives, he has everything set out for us for our life, and all we have to do is simply ask Him to reveal it to us. So many times we stress out trying to figure things out ourselves by wondering why am I going to marry? where am I going to go to school and get a job? how many kids am I going to have? what if this happens or that happens?
God tells us to not worry about tomorrow, because He is already there. God already knows everything that is going to happen in our lives, and all we have to do to have the perfect life he has planned for us that is in His will it to simply pray and ask Him to show us His will for our lives.
Of course, it's not THAT easy. I mean, He will most likely require patience from you. He will probably make you wait for something, but in His perfect time, when He knows you're ready, He will reveal things to you. It's simply amazing. Lately I have understood the importance of asking Him to reveal things to me and to show me His will for my life, and it is totally incredible. I have already seen him open and close doors for me. I have already seen Him do amazing things in my life- He is changing me and I can feel that in my heart.
I still am impatient. I'm nowhere near perfect. I have so many flaws, but I know He loves me anyways and that He always will. He will always be there to pick you up when no one else does.
He will be your best friend, soulmate, love, comforter, father, counselor, your everything- you just have to ask Him, and He will do that. He WANTS that.
Have a great week, loves!

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  1. I'm really enjoying the study myself. Do you have a copy of the book? If not, I will let you have mine. It really makes you think about what God wants from you and not so much of what you want for yourself. Not that there are not things that I want, but I realize that God knows best, and will provide when He wants to, not when I think He should. Love you!