Sunday, February 20, 2011

OMG...I just wrote a lot, and then the page "expired" Ugh, I hate when that happens!!

Well, I'm just going to shorten everything I just wrote, lol.

Lately, I'm consumed with homework, online tests, class, working out, CRU stuff, and attempting to find any time to hang out with friends. I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it on May 7 when I graduate!!

My dad and I went to Culhowee, NC this past Thurs and Fri for a grad school interview I went to at Western was interesting. The town gave me a bad feeling- there's absolutely nothing to do there. We think Greeneville's boring? No way, Cullowhee doesn't even have a legit movie theatre! lol, it's pretty bad. My dad and I were so bored, we spent our evening watching "World's dumbest criminals" in the creepy little motel we stayed at.

Anyway, basically I didn't get a great feeling about the didn't really have anything to offer me that ETSU didn't. I'm a little disappointed in the sense that I'm more than likely staying at ETSU for grad school. Don't get me wrong- ETSU is a wonderful school and I've loved it here, I guess I was just lookin forward to having a new start somewhere. But it's whatever, God knows what's best for me, so things will all work out. Plus I have good friends here, so that helps :)

My 21st birthday is in 8 days! I'm going out to dinner with all my family at the Whistle Stop, and also celebrating in Boston, hehe ;) I'll be spending the night of my birthday studying for a huge BIO test the next day, so the celebrating will have to wait until the day after my birthday lol.

Spring break is in 12 days!! I am soo flippin' excited! Me and my sister are going to see Todd & Tara in Boston :D It'll be very good times, especially since I'll be 21 haha, just kidding..kind of.

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