Saturday, March 12, 2011

I wanna see the world!

"Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone should be"-Eat.Pray.Love.

This past week was my Spring Break, so me and my sister went to Boston to visit my brother and Tara. We had such a blast, not only was it so much being in a different place with a different view, but it was so nice to just spend time with them! Everyone there thought my accent was hilarious. I guess I never really noticed my accent or anything, but everyon up there automatically heard it when I spoke, haha it was pretty funny. Todd and Tara took us around the city and me and Beth even went out on our own a few days and just walked around looking at the different sights of the city.

I love the energy in Boston, it's amazing- it's so much different than TN for sure.
I think just being there in Boston made me realize there is so much more of the world I want to see, I want to travel! As of now, yeah I don't necessarily have all the funds to do a ton of traveling, but I'm going to Mexico in May to work for a few weeks in an orphanage, so..that's a start! Also, me and Beth are thinking about going to Africa with my brother and Tara next summer. Besides that? I'd love to go to Ireland, Hawaii, and Italy for sure.
Mmm someday. I just don't want my life to pass me by- I want to really live every moment of it. After all, life is so very short, and there's so many amazing things to see.

So, with all that said, who wants to be my traveling partners?! haha.

Anyways, 1 month and a half until graduation! Whoo hoo, that's so crazy! I have a grad school interview with ETSU next week, so hopefully that will go well.

Love you all! xoxoxo


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